Floor Sanding

Dr Timber Flooring Brisbane’s floor sanding service

Dr Timber Flooring delivers virtually dust-free timber floor sanding process. An extraction unit limits dust in the environment to almost nothing, which creates a safer environment for our customers.

However, microscopic dust particles are inevitable, but we minimize this by masking, screening, and frequent vacuuming.

Dr Timber Flooring also utilise edging sanders and other tools for complete and even sanding.

Floor sanding process

  • Carry out an overall sanding – Removing any old finishes, dents and pits
  • Punch all the nails down – loose nails, fix it firm and putty all the nail holes
  • Lightly sand off any remaining stains using medium-grade paper
  • Remove any imperfections using ultra fine-textured sand paper
  • Ensure all surfaces are smooth and silky
  • Apply 3 coats with your preference product

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