Dr Timber Flooring Brisbane

Timber flooring that will leave a lasting impression.

Dr Timber Flooring is a company, based in Brisbane, Australia. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have been providing high-quality installation & maintenance services of sustainable, high-end, solid & engineered timber floors.

Principles of our work

1. Quality

Precision, care, and technique, these three words sum up Dr Timber Flooring. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the timber flooring installation, we are here to deliver the top result that you want.

2. Communication

From the start till the end, Dr Timber Flooring is ready to listen. We carefully evaluate your job requirements and provide clear step by step guidance on the process of installation as well as the costs that are associated with the job. There is no room for uncertainty with Dr Timber Flooring Brisbane.

3. Control

From the initial quote process to the finished flooring, each job undergoes meticulous quality management & staff training process to ensure all of our quality timber flooring products and services are carried out in a safest possible manner.

What clients say about us

Why Dr Timber Flooring Brisbane?

High quality standards

Our quality management system ensures the highest quality timber flooring products and services for our customers. We evaluate each job and pay the closest attention to all finished projects to meet the customer's expectations.

Leading experts

Brisbane based industry leader with a decade of experience for all types of timber floor sanding, installation and restoration projects, while continuously improving our customer commitment.

Modern equipment

To ensure the best quality outcome for our customers, Dr Timber Flooring is quick to implement the newest technology and equipment in the industry. It also means that each job will be serviced most efficiently to minimise the cost to our customers.

Competitive pricing

Dr Timber Flooring Brisbane only deliver the premium quality craftsmanship, customer service and overall finish. However, with our state of the art equipment and efficient work method allows very competitive pricing and cost-saving to our customer.